Please consult the Calendar for the day and time of these Health oriented activities and groups.

Culinary Arts and Meal Preparation

Every Wednesday is a unique opportunity for everyone to join in the preparation of a delicious meal, and of course, the share with others the experience of enjoying what you’ve helped to create. The benefit of this popular group is learning simple meal preparations that are very heathy but delicious and inexpensive too. Call on Tuesday to let us know you want to come. It’s becoming so popular and we want to be sure there is enough food. Joining in on preparation and or clean-up is required to eat!

Lunch at Connie’s and St. Johns

This is a chance for members of SCA to share their experiences with Peer Support and our center with community members. Let’s discuss how we can do this, what information would be best to share and how do we know who to talk to.

Nutrition Tips

Learn easy ways to eat healthy to improve your physical health, your emotional health and your mental health. Every week is a different topic, each developed to provide essential information for optimal nutritional health and well-being. Healthy food can be delicious. Come discover this with us. Remember the saying, you are what you eat!

.Nutrition News

Each week we will consider nutrition topics that have been in the news recently. We might even look at media and nutrition and advertising. New research on how best to keep healthy through what we eat is plentiful. But do you always know what source to trust? This session will help you figure out best places to find information and how to check it out. Discussion is a big part of this. We encourage members to bring in their own articles or ads or whatever they’d like.

Stress Management – KEY to Health and Wellbeing

What can you do to manage everyday stress and anxiety, before it worsens and impacts your everyday activities and responsibilities? We’ll explore neuroscience, meditation, better eating habits, the importance of connection and the opportunity in challenging our beliefs, often unconscious ones. And the role trauma plays in triggering anxiety and severe stress.

Stretch/Balance and Stretch/Strengthen

These groups will involve simple exercises to improve flexibility and balance as well as strengthen the muscles that we’ll need to keep us moving and independent in the years to come. Will accommodate all ages and all physical ability levels.

WRAP for Smoking Cessation Journey  

Yes, trying to quit smoking is a challenge. And many have tried and failed, maybe many times. But some have kept trying and eventually kicked the habit. Their health improved and their finances did as well. Join this group and begin to cut down every day, every week, until you no longer smoke at all. Let’s move toward this goal together.