Please consult the Calendar for the day and time of these Recovery related activities and groups.

Advocacy and Outreach

This group will provide the opportunity to self-advocate and advocate for other peers as well. Our session with Marty Fuller in April will be the kickoff for this inspirational and “moving toward” experience. The hope is to move beyond our Center out to the community at large.

Assertiveness Training

Why is it important to learn to speak up for yourself? Come learn why, and easy ways to begin finding your voice when you need to find your voice. It’s a process that takes time and commitment. It’s not easy, but well worth the journey.

Connections Challenge Club

A Challenge Club is a group of people who meet to support each other in taking on a personal challenge.  Join us to grow and stretch as you reach your goals. Challenges are very individual and there are no hierarchies of challenges.  For one person, it might be going to the doctor, for another, it might be climbing a mountain or reconnecting with a family member.

Depression/Anxiety Support Group

Get support from each other! Share what you know about depression and loss, how it has impacted you in the past or is affecting your life right now. How have you managed overwhelming feelings of sadness? Sometimes it helps to explore what is happening in your life that might be triggering this. Is depression trying to tell you something? What have you lost? Increased anxiety may also be a vehicle of communication –  What has happened? (not what is wrong) Are you afraid? Is this about my life now or another time, another circumstance?

Intentional Peer Support Group (IPS)

This group is for learning more about IPS and why its so important in a Peer Support Agency. Each group is a different topic. We may be considering one of the four tasks – Connection, Worldview, Mutuality, Moving Towards. Or the long list of Competencies associated with these tasks. We also engage participants in practice, sometimes using role plays. It’s a challenge and an opportunity. The ability to self-reflect is helpful, and of course, there is no judgement.

Morning Meeting

Do you have something you want to share with your Peers at SCA. This is the time to do it! Start out your day knowing you are a part of the SCA family. Everyone needs to be heard, really listened to. This is your opportunity to share the things that are sometimes difficult to say. This is the purpose of SCA and Peer Support.

WRAP- Wellness Recovery Action Plan (developed by Mary Ellen Copeland)

WRAP is about developing your own wellness plan. This has proved to be an essential tool for self-determination and empowerment in the journey to recovery. To insure you have a plan when feelings become more than you can handle, join us for this group. It is an adaptable and flexible tool – used as a general wellness tool or can be specified to help with a variety of challenges. In addition to the generic WRAP group, we also focus in on smoking and on addiction.